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The 411

Marine Radio - Standard Horizon HX40
has to be tethered does not float,
PFD had lanyard sewn into the pocket.

Marine Radio - Standard Horizon HX 210
larger form factor but floats, still fits in pocket but antenna has to stick out the side of the top of the pocket, still should be tethered

Floatation Vest - NP Elite High Hook
They run small, get a larger size

Storm Whistle

Strobe Light - Firefly Pro SOLAS

Hook Knife - Dakine

Any certified EN 1385 Water Sport rated

Fanny pack
Tied to the back of harness for people to store their radio whom wear an impact vest instead of a PFD

Other People Recommend
rescueME PLB1
Inflatable Life Jacket
Inflatable PFD
Diver Buoy

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