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Membership Tiers
If you do sign up for Kitesurf, I highly recommend getting the "Pro" Version:
  • Pro version has live sensor readings, 1km model, and Pro forecasts
  • Plus does NOT have live sensor readings nor Pro forecasts.
  • Gold is the same as Pro, except they also send you a portable wind meter

Forecast Models

Pro Forecast
  • A professional meteorologist writes about the local wind patterns and forecasts for multiple local kite spots
  • Updates are at 7am, 11:30am, and 7pm
  • Updates are daily throughout the windy season

Live Sensor Readings
  • The Kitesurf proprietary sensors are the yellow arrows on the map. The gray arrows are public wind sensors (not as good).
  • If you click on a yellow sensor you can see a graph of the latest live readings. These graphs pack a lot of info:
  • 1km forecast model is shown with a purple/blue-ish line. Quicklook model is shown with a gray line
  • Sensors capture wind readings for a short time window then they output three readings from that window. The max wind speed (gusts) is red, the lowest wind speed (lull) is green, and the average wind speed during the time window is in blue.
  • Most sensors gather data for ~5min then output a gust, average, and lull. Some sensors like the Anita Rock (Crissy) sensor gather data from a much shorter time window so they update much more frequently.

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