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3rd Ave
3rd Ave wind direction ( WNW, NW )
Gilead Cam

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HMB Web Cam ( S ) Cam I, Cam II
Central Ocean Beach Web Cam
South Ocean Beach Web Cam
Alameda Web Cam ( NW, WNW, W )
Waddell Creek Surf Report ( NW, WNW )
Sherman Island Wind Report ( W )
Current Report

by iKitesurf ( members only )
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by arbor-studios

SFO wind report 650-872-0246

Coast guard 415-399-3530
SM dispatch 650-573-3333
If don't have any above. just call 911
Gears lost in the bay report to CG 415-399-7300

by Windfinder

by WindGURU

by Windyty

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